Whirlwind Cue Pocket Trainers | Training Aid | Cue Straighter


The Whirlwind Mini Trainer is the perfect coaching aid to help check and correct your cue action. The laser cut trainer shows you your sighting line and works as a guide for your cue to follow through in a straight line. They comes in 3 parts that fit into your pocket or cue case.

The 3 mini trainers in this set replicates the following

1. Centre Cue Ball.

2. Top and Bottom.

3. Left and right hand side

  • Description

    Product Description

    Whirlwind Cue Pocket Trainers – manufactured by The Blade Team to help you achieve straighter cueing – the Whirlwind cue pocket training aid.

    Pocket Trainers are an easy-to-use playing aid that you can carry with you to the club in your pocket or cue case.  Simply clip the two components in place and line up on the table to practice straight cueing.

    Available in 3 unique variants:

    • Top & Bottom
    • Left & Right hand side
    • Centre Cue Ball
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